About us

Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch Group
"More than ever, the world
needs new solutions for mobility.”

Board of directors

The board of director consists of the following persons:

  • Nick Hayek (Chairman), President of the Executive Board of the Swatch Group
  • Nayla Hayek (Member), Chairwoman of the Swatch Group
  • Marc A. Hayek (Member), Member of the Executive Board of the Swatch Group,
  • Claude Nicollier (Member), Astronaut
  • George Clooney (Member), Actor
  • Daniela Aeschlimann-Schneider (Member), Member of the Board of the Ammann Group Holding AG


The shareholders of Belenos Clean Power Holding Ltd. are:

  • Swatch Group
  • Belenos
  • WAT Holding
  • ETH Zurich
  • Ammann Group
  • Deutsche Bank
  • George Clooney