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Quality and innovation are the main focus for Belenos Clean Power. To guarantee both we are looking for highly qualified co-workers.

Chemical laboratory assistant 100% in the area of research & development, Full Time
4452 Itingen BL, Switzerland

Job description

  • Preparing/mixing coating compounds and applying them to current collectors
  • Building and testing batteries in various formats
  • You will carry out process developments, validations and optimizations
  • You will carry out analyses by electrochemical, physical and chemical methods
  • You will review and evaluate your results together with your team
  • Technical maintenance of chemical laboratory and equipment's (maintenance and orders etc.)


  • Education as a laboratory technician EFZ chemistry, chemical laboratory technician, chemical technician or similar
  • Fluent in English, German or French would also be an advantage

Professional requirements

  • Knowledge of electrochemistry (e.g. production of electrodes) and analytical methods such as electron microscope SEM/EDX, viscosity measurement, solids content is considered an advantage
  • You are proficient in the careful working methods and usual procedures required for chemistry laboratories
  • You have no difficulties in using common software (MS-Windows, MS-Word, MS-Excel, etc.); knowledge of advanced electrochemical softwares (EC-lab, BSTDA, OriginLAB) is considered an advantage
  • You have a high degree of independence

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