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Quality and innovation are the main focus for Belenos Clean Power. To guarantee both we are looking for highly qualified co-workers.

Chemical laboratory assistant 100% in the area of research & development, Full Time
4452 Itingen BL, Switzerland

Job description

  • Preparing/mixing coating compounds and applying them to current collectors
  • Building and testing batteries in various formats
  • You will carry out process developments, validations and optimizations
  • You will carry out analyses by electrochemical, physical and chemical methods
  • You will review and evaluate your results together with your team
  • Technical maintenance of chemical laboratory and equipment's (maintenance and orders etc.)


  • Education as a laboratory technician EFZ chemistry, chemical laboratory technician, chemical technician, chemical technician or similar

Professional requirements

  • Knowledge of electrochemistry (e.g. production of electrodes) and analytical methods such as electron microscope SEM/EDX, viscosity measurement, solids content is considered an advantage
  • You are proficient in the careful working methods and usual procedures required for chemistry laboratories
  • You have no difficulties in using common software (MS-Windows, MS-Word, MS-Excel, etc.); knowledge of advanced electrochemical softwares (EC-lab, BSTDA, OriginLAB) is considered an advantage
  • You have a high degree of independence

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Graduated project engineer or internship for LCA and battery recycling, Full Time
4452 Itingen BL, Switzerland


  • As a project engineer you will be involved for the development of a low carbon footprint recycling process for the next generation of lithium batteries as well as for the evaluation of product performance, safety, cost and carbon footprint.
  • You will contribute and support activities related to LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) inside Belenos Battery Development program. 
  • You will explore, through lab experiments, the recovery of metals and battery of materials from secondary and non-conventional mineral sources using new technology approaches (i.e. Bioleaching, ionic liquids, in situ leaching, etc.)
  • You will evaluate the potential of emerging technologies and recycling process and work in conjunction with our academic partners and industrial suppliers.
  • You will be involved and responsible to perform assessment of carbon footprint of the supply chain as well for the battery recycling process
  • You will follow the industry trends and promote the circular economy battery market


  • Master degree and/or long and wide experience as scientist or engineer in hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy or chemistry
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge on:
    • Safe and high yield method for Li metal dissolution
    • Design of experiments setup of involving hydro and pyrometallurgical steps Metal speciation and recovery as high purity salt, oxide and with market value
    • Knowledge and experience on metal ion separation methods like solvent extraction and ion exchange, common ion precipitation and crystallization. Knowledge on bioleaching and bio recovery systems is a plus.
    • Project management capabilities including ability to supervise employees and to work efficiently in a multitasking development environment
    • You have a high degree of autonomy

Berufliche Anforderungen

  • Experience performing LCA on battery and research projects. Carbon equivalent footprint estimation.
  • Ideally you have experience in process development, preferably in base metals recycling process and in special lithium batteries.
  • Experience on leaching (acid leaching and bioleaching) and solution purification using solvent extraction, ion exchange and selective precipitation is a plus.

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Ingénieur(e) en mécanique, Plein temps
2540 Grenchen, Suisse

Description du poste

Étudier la conception des prototypes 3D, dessiner 2D avec Catia pour différents projets.

  • HSC, Compresseur et intégration,
    • Conception 3D avec Catia
    • Calculs EFM
    • Intégration compresseur et ces éléments.
    • Banc de test avec une batterie
    • Essais Intégration des éléments de banc de test dans un volume raisonnable pour le véhicule.


  • Batterie-HVAC
    • Conception et choix des éléments mécaniques pour un rack de batterie et HVAC
    • Calculs EFM et thermique,
    • Intégration sur proto et essais


  • Haut niveau de polyvalence, organisé, autonome, proactif et fort esprit d'équipe.
  • Compétence à résoudre des problèmes.
  • Excellentes compétences dans l’organisation et le management du temps.
  • Compétences à travailler en équipe et de manière autonome.
  • Intérêt au développement personnel et mise à jour individuelle vis-à-vis des dernières technologies.
  • Attention aux détails et à la précision.

Compétences requises

  • Diplôme d’ingénieur EPFL/ETH/HES ou études scientifiques équivalente.
  • Plusieurs années d’expérience dans un domaine similaire (3-5 ans).

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