Belenos Clean Power
Towards Clean
Energy Revolution

“The battery is the key element that will help us move towards clean energy."

Nicolas G. Hayek, Founder (†2010 )

The goal of Belenos Clean Power Holding Ltd. is to pave the way for the industrialization of a new type of high energy density Lithium ion battery, which offers an optimal balance between safety, cost, performance and sustainability.

Today Belenos know-how stands on three solid pillars with the aim to realize it within concrete projects:

  • New and promising material for batteries
  • Novel High Speed Compressor
  • New Battery Management System with innovative solutions
NGH in Smart


Belenos innovative approach will accelerate the change toward electrical mobility thanks to his newly developed active material based on no scarce resource and with high energy and longer life cycle battery.

High Speed Compressor

In order to improve battery yield and charging time, the gas compressor (HVAC) was developed to regulate and manage better thermal energy in cars, and particularly electric cars – as well as an air compressor for fuel cell applications.

Belenos Electronics laboratory concentrates its know-how in the development of new concepts and test benches related to the needs of Belenos Clean Power including Battery Management System. Its services are also used by other Swatch Group entities.


Belenos Clean Power - Innovation culture with 55 patents